BMT and authenticity

There is no A-check in the real sense because we are not going to judge your authenticity. We are at a museum event, and the museum expects us all to be able to achieve authenticity on our own.

What the museum envisages by this can be read in more detail here:
BMT Camp Rules

What we as the orga of the reenactment camp do and offer instead:

The Schnack takes place on Saturday and Sunday between 13:00 and 14:30 in a rather cosy setting as a coffee wreath in the Heydenwall camp. Contact people for this are Freese and Henrik.
There you can talk to us about your equipment. It's best if you come in the garb you want us to talk about, or bring the parts you need. The following aspects play a role: What did you have in mind? Does the presentation create a coherent overall picture? And how can you improve or expand it? What you do with it afterward and how much of the feedback you take with you is, of course, up to you.

The guiding questions for the person you are portraying are:

  • In which period does she belong?
  • Where does she come from?
  • To which social group does he or she belong (e.g. class, profession)?
  • To what extent is she representative (ordinary / unusual)?

However, the focus does not necessarily have to be on your outfit for the battlefield, but we would also like to talk about your camp. Because the authenticity of the camps is admittedly not an uncomplicated point, we especially hope for your interest in exchange here, in order to facilitate the overall improvement of quality.

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